An International Independent Charity Organisation.

Manthancare Foundation is an internationally recognized charity organization working towards the betterment of society. Our commitment includes education and empowerment for all.

Education Facilities

An educated citizen is key to better society. Manthancare Foundation works tirelessly in catering to free education. We have served over hundreds of children with basic education.

Medical Facilities

Health is wealth. We have dreamt of safe, healthy and educated society. Our volunteers influence awareness of health problems and deliver medical facilities to the needy.

Healthy Food

Feeding a hungry is true worship to the majesty. However, healthy food is right to all. Manthancare Foundation forwards its contribution providing food assistance to the underprivileged families.

Pure Water

Manthancare Foundation has actively been providing pure drinking water to the people belonging to below socio-economic status. Our programs are conducted as a regular basis in various parts of the country.

Our Causes

The Causes We Care About

The differences on the basis of economy and living standard have always affected the society. This is the prime cause we care fore. Therefore, Manthancare Foundation works for instituting an environment having good education facilities, good food, pure water and better health facilities. In our recent activities, we have done satisfactory work so far in the area following.

Mask & Sanitizer Distribution

Manthancare Foundation donates thousands of protective masks and sanitizers. Donations are made with the tireless efforts of our members and volunteers. Manthancare Foundation enjoy

Cloth Distribution Drive

Manthancare Foundation, on a regular basis, distributes clothes, blankets, quilts and other wears to help the needy. We have recently distributed new blankets, sweaters

Education for poor child

Manthancare Foundation, with the assistance of its volunteer and guest teachers, offers free education for poor children. Our aim is to make children intelligent in emotional, physical, cognitive a

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Our Team

Core Team Members

Sunil Gupta

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Rishabh Verma


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The Manthancare Foundation implementation of the Mid-Day Meal Programme is a great initiative to address two Sustainable Development Goals – Zero Hunger and Quality Education with nutritious and quality food.


Manthancare Foundation is a credible NGO that is making maximum impact in its community. I would tell potential donors that here is an opportunity; we can ensure that every street child gets off the street so come forward and partner with Manthancare Foundation.

Kamal Gupta




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